Tuesday, December 31, 2013

feeding time.............

here we are.... Resolution Eve.
We've all thought it, haven't we?
In 2014 I will be.....
thinner, stronger, faster, healthier, happier..... I won't lie- they're all on my list this year.
I've discovered, I do a really great job sharing what I want and what I will accomplish, but sometimes (ok, most of the time) I forget to plan the details....
"I'm going to lose weight".... how?
"I'm going to get stronger"...how
"Faster".... well, you get it
I finally figured out that I rarely reach my goals because my eyes are always focused on the end, rather than the beginning. I know EXACTLY what I can accomplish, I simply neglect to map it out.
I sat down with myself Christmas morning and started the plan. My first step was to figure out what my best life looked like.... I pinpointed a time when I really felt in control of my health and fitness and thought about was different in my life now.
What I discovered is that I'm missing "me-time"~ you know that selfish little chunk of the day when you own every decision and control every action.
The last time I truly took "me time" on a regular basis was when I was training to open Goals in Ames. I had over an hour of drive time every day, I had workout time, learning time... my time to grow and thrive. Time to feed my dreams and desires.
my biggest struggle seems to be staying on task.... it's easy to get wrapped up in someone or something more fun that "me".
So..... on this "Resolution Eve" I am promising myself just one thing~  to feed myself well in the coming year....
clean food, heavier weights, new classes, many books, meditation, prayer and a daily purge of one space in my life.
I'm looking forward to the thinner, stronger, faster, healthier, happier me that is sure to show up for the fun.
May you find your best self in the coming year............