Saturday, May 17, 2014


....after 46 years, I've had many of them.
...speeches, solos, teaching classes
      ... social gatherings, elections posts, business openings
I've gotten butterflies before all of them but I've ALWAYS made it through
But somehow this weekends firsts stand apart from the rest and I've been trying to figure out why

...maybe it's because my Friday first was on National TV!!
I had the opportunity to talk about Goals and our group 8 week run on Headline News! I was joined by one of my coaches, Mike, who has made awesome progress towards his goals throughout the last several weeks.
   ....maybe because my Saturday first means so much to me
You see, I've launched a new web page specifically for my Nutrition Coaching and I want it to be perfect. It's important that I put as much love and hope into the posts as I feel in my heart.
I love what I do- it's not a job, but rather an opportunity to join hands with another person and help them figure things out. A way to break through the set points they've created in their physical body, often allowing them to break through some set points they've created in their emotional self as well.

This blog will stay about me... my loves, my frustrations and my successes

The new site isn't done- but the foundation is there

......kind of like me ;)

I hope you enjoy.

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